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Ocean Revival.

The worlds largest artificial reef is only two hours from our shores. A wreck divers paradise awaits.

Introduction to Algarve, Portugal

Did you know the worlds largest artificial reef Ocean Revival is on your doorstep? It will be complete on the 21st September when the 64 mtr Hydrographic ship Almeida de Carvalho is sunk. It joins 3 other ex Portuguese Navy ships and is the culmination of a major 6 year project. The good news for us wreck lovers is that they are only 2 hours away from anywhere in the UK on the Portuguese Algarve.

Ocean Revival is perfect short weekend away not only for the avid wreck diver, but also for the non diver and family too. There are a wide range of accommodation to suit all needs and budgets from the lively beach resort of Praia Da Rocha, the quaint fishing village of Alvor and the cobbled streets of white washed Lagos. On your off gassing day you have the choice of many excellent golf courses or if this really is too much effort those sandy beaches are calling.

Our Algarve Holidays

Praia Da Rocha

Praia Da Rocha.





Algarve - our rough guide


Many groups of people have come to the Algarve – and momentous events have happened - from the beginning of time, leaving their mark on the architectural and cultural heritage of the whole region. Perhaps the most noteworthy has been the Arab presence which, after 500 years in the region, has left its legacy in culture, place names, architecture, economy and social life which still predominate.

Later, Henry the Navigator, the chief architect of the Age of Discovery would leave evidence of the glorious feats of the 15th Century, particularly in Sagres and Lagos, at the height of which the African coast, Brazil and the sea route to India and other Asiatic countries were discovered.

Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo was one of the great men to leave their mark on the Algarve. As Marquis of Pombal, his persistence and genius are still very much visible in the town centre of Vila Real de Santo António, where the architecture which he introduced was considered very advanced for its period.




The Algarve or al-gharb, meaning the West in Arabic, is the most western point of Europe. Its 160 kilometres of coast is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and borders Spain in the East.

Most people know the Algarve for its coastal strip with its wide stretches of fine sand and small beaches framed by spectacular rocky escarpments. However inland there are two mountain ranges of Monchique and Caldeirao to explore and provide a cool escape from the summer heat.

Diving - Ocean Revival


Four warships, representatives of the Portuguese Navy Fleet, form the largest single artificial reef structure in the world with the ideal conditions that allow for diving 300 days of the year.

Situated off the Portuguese Algarve coast near the small fishing village of Alvor this marine park offers wreck diving enthusiasts plenty of opportunities. All ships are perfect for a wide range of diving experiences as strategically cut access holes make penetration easy and safe, with a maximum depth of 32 mtrs. The added bonus is that water temperatures reach 24 degrees in late summer and visibility a possible 20 mtrs.

Not only does this stretch of coast offer man made diving delights but also natural ones too. The sandstone cliffs between Lagos and Sagres offer some interesting cavern and cave diving and for underawater photographers the Algarve is home to 20 species of nudibranchs.

Click here for video footage of the ships




  • Ocean Revival - 4 ex Portuguese Navy ships
  • A plethora of top quality golf courses
  • Wide stretches of sandy beaches
  • Seafood restaurants

Climate & Weather

The location of the Algarve means its weather and climate is affected by not only the African & European Continents but also the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It has a temperate climate all year round meaning summer temperatures range from 18-32 and winter 10-18 degrees. Rainfall is fairly low and mainly occurs during the winter months.

General Information

  • People: European race
  • Religion: Christian
  • Language: Portuguese, but English widely spoken
  • Visas: None required for UK passport holders
  • Health: Remember your Health Insurance Card if EU citizen
  • Time: GMT + 1/2 hours.
  • Electricity: 240 volts, 3 pin British standard plugs
  • Clothing: As you would in the UK
  • Currency: Euro
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