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Sabah in Northern Borneo is blessed with some truly wonderful natural sites, both above and under the water. Not only does it have Semporna, one of the best marine parks in the world, but is also home to the highest mountain in Borneo. It is blessed with rare and varied wildlife, including the endangered orang-utan 'The Wild Man of Borneo'. Adrenalin seekers are served not only by Mount Kinabalu but the Padas River which has Grade Three whitewater rafting. For more sedate currents the Kinabatangan River offers a more relaxing alternative to view the flora and fauna in the shoreline forest canopy and floor.

Whatever your desire or preference Sabah has an option that will last in the memory.

Areas of particular interest

Danum Valley

An area of lowland forest covering 438 square km it is home to an array of creatures some rare. The Sumatran Rhinoceros is known to roam the area, along with elephant and Cloud Leopard. Birdlife is rich with over 270 species being recorded including the flambuoyant rhinoceros and pied hornbill.

Gomantong Caves

Probably the most well known caves in the world. Made famous by Sir David Attenborough climbing guano mounds for our viewing pleasure, its inhabitants include about a million bats and swiftlets. The great man himself considers the caves the most spectacular self-enclosed eco-systems in the world. It has possibly the worlds oldest fast food outlet serving edible birds nests!

Kinabatangan River

The floodplain of this river offers visitors a rare glimpse of the mangrove forests that cloak the shoreline with their population of Proboscis Monkeys and crested egrets. The Proboscis Monkey is the star with its prominent nose and 'sunnburnt' appearance making it the butt of cruel jokes.

Mount Kinabalu

Standing 13,400 ft it is the highest mountain in Borneo as well as being a botanical paradise of incomparable bio-diversity and complexity. Despite its height, the mountain is a relatively straight-forward climb that can be accomplished in two or three days according to your fitness, though local tribesman have been known to run up and down it in under three hours!! Obviously after having three Shredded Wheat in the morning!!


North Borneo Railway

Built by the British during the 1880's to provide transportation for crops grown within the interior. Today one can journey back to these colonial days on board a 'Vulcan' steam engine through superb rainforest scenery with breathtaking vistas. The train has been refurbished in a colonial style and consists of five carriages, an observation deck and bar carriage. A great day out from Kota Kinabalu.


Padas White Water Rafting

The Padas is certified as Grade 3 rafting level on international water rafting grading system. It is the ultimate experience both in the adrenaline rush that accompanies rafters as they shoot the rapids as well as the unique mode of transport to get to the starting point. From Beaufort you board a train on the North Borneo Railway and the track lines the Padas River, giving you the opportunity to size-up the raging rapids. Excursions will begin with a safety briefing session conducted by professional raft guide along with a demonstration of rafting techniques.

Sepilok Nature Reserve

A very special place indeed. Obviously renowned for the orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre the reserve offers much more and deserves more than a fleeting visit. Take the time to have a leisurely stroll, accompanied by a biologist guide, along the many trails of the rainforest floor. Discover this endangered eco system and understand its fragility. A fascinating, sad and enchanting place. Not to be missed.

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