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Introduction to Malaysia

It would be difficult to overstate the attraction of Malaysia for anyone who appreciates the natural world. Its primal forests, ranging from shoreline mangrove to mountaintop oak, are of the sort that most of the world now knows only in myth.

Although Malaysia's size is similar to that of Norway, natural trees and forests cover almost three quarters of the land, an area equivalent to almost the entire United Kingdom. One can walk for hundreds of miles in Malaysia under a continuous canopy of green, marveling at an abundance of plant and animal species equaled by no other location in the entire world. A single half-kilometer plot of land in Borneo's lowland dipterocarp forest, for example, may well contain more than eight hundred different species of trees alone, a stunning degree of variety that pales, however, in comparison to the profusion and diversity of flowers, birds, ferns, and insects.

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Malaysia - our rough guide


Malaysia's offshore islands are of legendary beauty. Remote dive Island resorts such as Pulau Sipadan, a small oceanic island off the eastern shore of Borneo, rises in a sheer column more than six hundred meters from the seabed. Completely encircled by sheer drop-offs and walls, Sipadan is one of the world's foremost dive sites.

The tropical waters off both Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo offer some of the world's best scuba diving. This is a place endowed with some of the sport's best possibilities: you can dive with whale sharks, hover around immense coral gardens and walls, or dive on ominous and hulking WWII shipwrecks. In many places, you can get 100+ feet of visibility. Also, the country has become increasingly aware of the biological and economic importance of its marine heritage, and each year brings better access to and protection for the unique marine life. Because of the hundreds of islands, there are many dive options.

Underwater Photography

Malaysia underwater photography gallery - all images by Jane Morgan & JP Trenque.


  • Underwater: everything from tiny critters to whale sharks.
  • Above Water: Stunning wildlife, Sabah's forests.

Climate & Weather

West Peninsular Malaysia:

  • dry months are from November to March
  • wet months are from April to October due to the southwest monsoon

East Peninsular Malaysia:

  • dry months are from April to October
  • wet months are from November to March due to the northeast monsoon

Sabah Eastern Coast (including Pulau Sipadan):

  • Can be dived whole year round. Heavier rains can be felt only during typhoons around the region but diving condition is still acceptable

Sabah Western Coast & Brunei(Labuan):

  • dry months are from January to May
  • wet months are from June to December

General Information

  • Religion: Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. The people enjoy freedom of worship and this right is enshrined in our Constitution. Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity are among other religions practised here.
  • Time: Malaysia is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and 16 hours ahead of United States Pacific Standard Time.
  • Electricity: Electric supply is on a 240-volt 50-cycle system.
  • Clothing: As Malaysia's climate is sunny almost year round, light clothing is ideal. It is advisable for ladies, when entering mosques and temples, to wear long sleeves and loose pants or long skirts.
  • Currency: The unit of currency is the Malaysian Ringgit (RM). The RM has been pegged to the US dollar at US1.00 to RM3.80. Please note that the RM has no value outside of Malaysia, a result of the exchange control practised by our country. All major credit cards are readily accepted at the resorts and dive centres.
  • Etiquette - Some tips: Remove shoes when entering homes and places of worship. Dress neatly in a suitable attire which covers arms and legs when visiting places of worship. Handle food with your right hand. Do not point your foot at someone. When giving or receiving money gifts to/from a Malaysian, do so with your right hand.
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